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SEARCHING FORHER ROOTS, Synopsys This novel called, “Searching for Her Roots” is based on that tragic period in human history that lead to World War II. It is about the survival of a young woman who experienced persecution and extermination of her family during the Holocaust, but who had the strength to continue fighting for her life and that of her young son, emerging strongly from the experience. She was born into a Polish Jewish family, wealthy and highly prestigious, but who, like other Jews, saw her life changed by anti-Semitism and war. From faraway lands she came to reside on the small Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, where she made her second home. Through the protagonist, Anna, the story is based around real events experience by the Polish Jews during the war. Anna is an example of a resilience woman in the face of adversity. Despite all the pain and suffering experienced by the losses of her loved ones and her homeland, she was able to shake off the resentment and hatred that she harbored in her heart, choosing instead to transform them into love and the promotion of peace in her environment.The novel is intended to remind us of the events of World War II that marked the lives of many; and which we must not forget, lest we repeat this terrible time in history. Ana M. López Beltrán

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